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Hadas Vs Fairies

The Second part of the description of these fantastic beings

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Hadas VS Fairies

Una hada guerrera

Hadas VS Fairies

Fairies were initially attributed to human proportions, but Shakespeare described them as tiny and ethereal creatures, description that became very popular between British poets, therefore, the popularization of the image.

Several common features characterize Hadas as evil beings that are strictly adhered to terrible pain and punishment. Other stories say that fairies beautiful women that had a violation against nature, and were punished to have such appearance.

It is said that those who become hadas or cross the boundaries between the human world and the fairies, the time change in space, and what could have been one day in fairy world, it has been months, years, or centuries in human world.

There are several fairy powers that be used harmfully against humans, most often as an action again mistreatment to nature (a forest would be cut down a real catastrophe for the world).


There are also stories that fairies kidnapped small babies just to replace them by their own  in order to create a lineage between humans and fairies. Sadly,  the children would usually die soon after, because they were pale and spin. These creatures were called changelings.

Legends and folktale have something in common: hadas treasure the old ancient wisdom humanity ignore in the modern ages. Hadas are creatures and protectors of nature, carrying happy and fulfilling lives in harmony with the world.

So, no matter if fairies were real or the product of imagination, there are lessons to be learned.

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