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Introduction to these fantastic beings



Fairies, the fantastic being


Hadas (in English: Fairies) are fantastic creatures, usually seen as beautiful women with wings, who according to tradition, they are the protectors of nature. In modern life, they are believed to be the product of imagination, tradition, old ages beliefs that spawn the wonderful world of elves, gnomes, goblins, mermaids, and giants.

Celtic legend speaks of the kingdom of fairies. Hadas were divine creatures living between this and the fantastic world, with important connections with nature and other deities. Most stories from people represent them as tall as humans, with clear eyes and black hair.

In the stories medieval fairy (sometimes called "The Good People" and "The Good People") are associated with charms and spells, aware of the power and virtues of the words, legends and herbs, which allowed them to stay young and beautiful, and accumulate wealth.

In some old books, they mention that fairies do all things innocently, although their behavior can become perverse. In many coats of arms of the time reflected the world of hadas. Many aristocrats wanted to show that their family came from a lineage of fairies.


In mythology, fairies from Cantabria are called Anjanas: they had ugly and huge breasts, and could change appearance at will. In Nordic and Greek mythology, the fairies are called nymphs.

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